PTW is involved in research on topics related to road safety and the safety of motorcyclists through an integrated approach. The analysis of road accidents, the active and passive safety for motor vehicles and the study of the driving behavior of motorcyclists are among the main areas of research.

The accident analysis is focused on the study of serious road accidents occurred in specific urban area, like the area of ​​Florence among others. The research faces many aspects: statistical analysis of road accident data, analysis of the dynamics of impact involving pedestrians, motorcyclists and occupants of the car. The research involves direct data collection and investigation of real cases, as well as the use of software multi-body and finite elements.

The research on active safety for motor vehicles is mainly focused on the study of systems of automatic braking (MAEB, Motorcycle Autonomous Emergency Braking) and other systems aimed at helping the motorcyclist in dangerous situations that may occur while driving.

The work on the passive safety of motorized two or three wheels investigates protection systems for motorcyclists in the event of an accident, in particular integrated systems on the vehicle. Through the use of virtual models reproducing motorcycle crash tests, the research group  is able to estimate the severity of injuries of the motorcyclist and to develop protection systems in order to reduce such injuries.

The study of the driving behavior of motorcyclists involves the use of an instrumented vehicle for testing natural driving conditions, that is without any constraints on the maneuvers and in real traffic and driving conditions.