Niccolò Baldanzini

Niccolò Baldanzini
Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering and MSc. in Mechanical Engineering
Occupation: Associate Professor
Curriculum vitae:
  • Master degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Florence in 1997, defending the thesis: ” General formulation for designing interference-fit joints with elastic-plastic components”
  • In 2001, he received a PhD in Industrial Engineering defending the thesis: ”Dynamics and structural optimisation in the automotive sector”
  • His current research activities concern several areas in the automotive sector, and predominantly in Powered Two-Wheelers (PTWs). Activities are performed within the following thematic areas: safety, NVH and lightweighting. Safety of PTWs is a key topic in my research, ranging from passive (APSN and APROSYS projects), integrated (PISa project), active (Saferider and SmartRRS projects) and behavioural studies (2BESAFE project). Apart from scientific publications, I am co-inventor of 4 patents related to devices to improve riders’ safety. NVH and lightweighting are often correlated in my recent research (VECOM and Gresimo projects), since the activities aim to an optimization of the static, dynamic and vibro-acoustical performances of the vehicle. 
Field of work: Safety, Powered Two-Wheelers
Telephone: +39 055 2758 749