Marco Pierini

Marco Pierini
Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering
Occupation: Full Professor
Curriculum vitae:
  • Master degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Florence in 1991
  • In 1994, he received a PhD at University of Florence
  • 20 years of experience in research and management with special focus on Automotive (Cars and Trucks) and Motorcycles. Currently involved in several project related to: vehicle electrification, road safety, urban and interurban mobility. Involved in the following EC, National and regional projects: PRIN 2003, ¬†PRIN 2005,¬† FP6-PISA, FP6-MYMOSA, FP6, SAFERIDER, FP6 VECOM, FP6 SMART RRS, FP7 MID-MOD, FP6 GRESIMO, FP ESUM, ARC P2W, FP7 RASIF, FP7 ASTERICS, INDUSTRIA 2015 MUSS, VIGONI 2007-08, REGIONE TOSCANA2004 RETENUMA, REGIONE TOSCANA2007 RETENUMA2, REGIONE TOSCANA2007 REAUTO, FP7 IMPROVE, FP7 ABRAM, FP7 MOTORIST, COST TU1407
Telephone: +39 055 2758748
Mobile: +39 348 8605204