Caterina Antonia Dattilo

Caterina Antonia Dattilo
PhD. in Structural Engineering and MSc. in Architecture
Occupation: Researcher
Curriculum vitae:
  • Master Degree in Architecture 4/S at the University of Naples “Federico II” in 2007, defending the thesis in “Possible applications of cold-formed systems for emergency housing: the case modular constructions”.
  • In 2011, she received a PhD in Structural Engineering, defending the thesis: “Sustainable Constructions: Life Cycle Analysis as a supporting tool for structural design “
  • During the past years (2015-2016) she was involved in some research projects (IMPROVE, ASTERICS) concerning the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology applied to the automotive field.
  • Her current research concern activities related to NEOHIRE whose main objective is to reduce the use rare earth elements and critical raw materials (e.g. Co and Ga) used for the permanent magnets in wind turbine generators.
Field of work: Life Cycle Assessment, Electric Vehicle, innovative materials, process modelling.
Mobile: +39 328 3414579