Motorcycles that see: Multifocal stereo vision sensor for advanced safety systems in tilting vehicles
Gustavo Gil; Giovanni Savino; Simone Piantini; Marco Pierini

Is stereo vision a suitable remote sensing approach for motorcycle safety? An analysis of LIDAR, RADAR, and machine vision technologies subjected to the dynamics of a tilting vehicle
Gustavo Gil; Giovanni Savino; Simone Piantini; Marco Pierini

Parameters affecting the sustainability trade-off between production and use stages in the automotive lightweight design
Massimo Delogu; Laura Zanchi; Caterina Antonia Dattilo; Marcos Ierides

Take-home messages from the applications of Life Cycle Assessment on lightweight automotive components
Massimo Delogu; Laura Zanchi; Caterina Antonia Dattilo; Silvia Maltese; Rubina Riccomagno; Marco Pierini

Challenges for modelling and integrating environmental performances in concept design: the case of an automotive component lightweighting
Massimo Delogu; Silvia Maltese; Francesco Del Pero; Laura Zanchi; Marco Pierini; Alessandra Bonoli

Analysis of the main elements affecting social LCA applications: challenges for the automotive sector
Laura Zanchi; Massimo Delogu; Alessandra Zamagni; Marco Pierini

Affordable Lightweight Automobiles ALLIANCE project: first results of environmental and economic assessment from a Life-Cycle perspective
Massimo Delogu, Francesco Del Pero, Laura Zanchi, Marcos Ierides, Violeta Fernandez, Kristian Seidel, Dinesh Thirunavukkarasu, Thilo Bein



Obstacle detection test in real-word traffic contexts for the purposes of motorcycle autonomous emergency braking (MAEB)
Giovanni Savino; Simone Piantini; Gustavo Gil; Marco Pierini

Satellite Markers: a simple method for ground truth car pose on stereo video
Gustavo Gil; Giovanni Savino; Simone Piantini; Marco Pierini

First stereo video dataset with ground truth for remote car pose estimation using satellite markers
Gustavo Gil; Giovanni Savino; Marco Pierini

Are automatic systems the future of motorcycle safety? A novel methodology to prioritize potential safety solutions based on their projected effectiveness
Gustavo Gil; Giovanni Savino; Simone Piantini; Niccolo Baldanzini; Riender Happee; Marco Pierini

Sustainable Design: An Integrated Approach for Lightweighting Components in the Automotive Sector
Caterina Antonia Dattilo; Laura Zanchi; Francesco Del Pero; Massimo Delogu

Innovative composites and hybrid materials for electric vehicles lightweight design in a sustainability perspective
Massimo Delogu; Laura Zanchi; Caterina Antonia Dattilo; Marco Pierini

Application of design for environment principles combined with LCA methodology on automotive product process development: The case study of a crossmember
Silvia Maltese; Massimo Delogu; Laura Zanchi; Alessandra Bonoli

The effect of lightweighting in automotive LCA perspective: Estimation of mass-induced fuel consumption reduction for gasoline turbocharged vehicles
Francesco Del Pero; Massimo Delogu; Marco Pierini

Application of induction power recharge to garbage collection service
Alberto Reatti; Fabio Corti; Luca Pugi; Lorenzo Berzi; Riccardo Barbieri; Massimo Delogu; Marco Pierini

Prediction of motorcyclist serious injury in powered two-wheeler to other vehicle urban crash
Simone Piantini; Marco Mangini; Niccolò Baldanzini; Marco Pierini; Andrea Franci; Adriano Peris

Valutazione dell’efficacia di sistema di frenata autonoma per pedoni nella riduzione delle lesioni gravi o mortali in ambito urbano
Simone Piantini; Giovanni Savino; Marco Pierini; Niccolò Baldanzini

Global optimization test problems based on random field composition
Ramses Sala; Niccolò Baldanzini; Marco Pierini

SQG-Differential Evolution for difficult optimization problems under a tight function evaluation budget
Ramses Sala; Niccolò Baldanzini; Marco Pierini



A sustainability analysis for Electric Vehicles batteries including ageing phenomena
Caterina Antonia Dattilo; Massimo Delogu; Lorenzo Berzi; Marco Pierini

ASTERICS – Advanced Simulation Models and Accelerated Testing for the Development of Electric Vehicles
H. Pfluegl; F. Diwoky; B. Brunnsteiner ; E. Schlemmer; Y. Olofsson; J. Groot; A. Piu; R. Magnin; F. Sellier; M. Sarrazin; L. Berzi; M. Delogu; T. Katrašnik; A.Kaufmann

Enhanced Lightweight Design – First Results of the FP7 Project ENLIGHT
Thilo Bein; Dirk Mayer; Leif Hagebeuker; Angelika Bachinger; Daniele Bassan; Bert Pluymers; Massimo Delogu

Injury analysis of powered two-wheeler versus other-vehicle urban accidents
Simone Piantini; Marco Pierini; Massimo Delogu, Niccolò Baldanzini, A. Franci, M. Mangini, A. Peris

Evironmental and economic life cycle assessment of a lightweight solution for an automotive component: A comparison between talc-filled and hollow glass microspheres-reinforced polymer composites
Massimo Delogu; Laura Zanchi; Silvia Maltese; Alessandra Bonoli; Marco Pierini

Life cycle assessment and life cycle costing as supporting tools for EVs lightweight design
Laura Zanchi; Massimo Delogu; Marcos Ierides; Harilaos Vasiliadis

A novel approach for axiomatic-based design for the environment
Alessandro Giorgetti; Andrea Girgenti; Paolo Citti; Massimo Delogu

Evaluation of the end-of-life performance of a hybrid scooter with the application of recyclability and recoverability assessment methods
Lorenzo Berzi; Massimo Delogu; Marco Pierini; Filippo Romoli 

Development of driving cycles for electric vehicles in the context of the city of Florence
Lorenzo Berzi; Massimo Delogu; Marco Pierini 

A comparison of electric vehicles use-case scenarios: Application of a simulation framework to vehicle design optimization and energy consumption assessment
Lorenzo Berzi; Massimo Delogu; Marco Pierini 

Lightweight design solutions in the automotive field: Environmental modelling based on fuel reduction value applied to diesel turbocharged vehicles
Massimo Delogu; Francesco Del Pero; Marco Pierini 

End-of-Life in the railway sector: Analysis of recyclability and recoverability for different vehicle case studies
Massimo Delogu; Francesco Del Pero; Lorenzo Berzi; Marco Pierini; Davide Bonaffini 

Injury Analysis of Powered Two‐Wheeler versus Other‐Vehicle Urban Accidents
Simone Piantini; Marco Pierini; Massimo Delogu; Niccolò Baldanzini; Marco Mangini; Andrea Franci; Adriano Peris 

Proposal of a new motorcycle helmet test method for tangential impact
Nicolas Bourdet; Sounak Mojumder; Simone Piantini; Caroline Deck; Marco Pierini; Remy Willinger

Analisi della lesività e dei meccanismi di causa negli incidenti stradali auto-moto in ambito urbano
Simone Piantini; Marco Pierini; Niccolò Baldanzini

Representative surrogate problems as test functions for expensive simulators in multidisciplinary design optimization of vehicle structures
Ramses Sala; Niccolò Baldanzini; Marco Pierini


Life Cycle Assessment of a heavy metro train
Francesco Del Pero; Massimo Delogu; Marco Pierini; Davide Bonaffini 

Life cycle assessment of a plastic air intake manifold
Massimo Delogu; Francsco Del Pero; Filippo Romoli; Marco Pierini 

Tool per la comparazione ambientale della fase di uso di soluzioni tradizionali e soluzioni alleggerite in ambito automobilistico
Francesco Del Pero; Massimo Delogu; Marco Pierini

An Overview on Pedestrians and Cyclists Serious Injuries in Urban Accidents
Simone Piantini; Niccolò Baldanzini; Marco Pierini; Marco Mangini; Andrea Franci; Adriano Peris 

Autonomous emergency braking for cornering motorcycle
Giovanni Savino; Federico Giovannini; Simone Piantini; Niccolò Baldanzini; Marco Pierini

The influence of vehicle front-end design on pedestrian ground impact
Gianmarco Crocetta; Simone Piantini; Marco Pierini; Ciaran Simms 

Further Development of Motorcycle Autonomous Emergency Braking (MAEB), What Can In-Depth Studies Tell Us? A Multinational Study
Giovanni Savino; Matteo Rizzi; Julie Brown; Simone Piantini; Lauren Meredith; Bainca Albanese; Marco Pierini; Michael Fitzharris

In-depth study of road accident in Florence: understanding the bionechanical effects in major trauma involving vulnerable road users
Andrea Franci; Simone Piantini; Marco Pierini; Adriano Peris; Marco Mangini



Studio LCA di un veicolo metropolitano pesante
Francesco Del Pero; Massimo Delogu; Marco Pierini; Davide Bonaffini 

Progetto di un ammortizzatore di sterzo per motocicli basato su fluido magneto-reologico
Niccolò Baldanzini; Alessandro Giorgetti; Cosimo Monti; Simone Piantini; Marco Pierini

Optimization efficiency in multidisciplinary vehicle design including NVH criteria
Ramses Sala; Marco Pierini; Niccolò Baldanzini


On-field investigation and process modelling of End-of-Life Vehicles treatment in the context of Italian craft-type Authorized Treatment Facilities
Lorenzo Berzi; Massimo Delogu; Alessandro Giorgetti; Marco Pierini 

Treatment of end of life railway vehicles: analysis and application of a method for calculating reuse, recycling and recovery rates
Massimo  Delogu; Francesco Del Per; Marco Pierini; Davide Bonaffini 

Advanced accident research system based on a medical and engineering data in the metropolitan area of Florence
Simone Piantini; Davi Grassi; Marco Magini; Giovanni Zagli; Rosario Spina; Adriano Peris