IN-SAFE-In-depth Study on Accident in FlorencE
Duration (months): Ongoing
Start of project: 15/11/2009
Cofinanced by: Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di San Miniato and Lions Club "Cosimo De Medici" - Firenze
Coordinator: UNIFI
Number of Partners: 2
Description of the project:

The aim of this project is to deeply understand the problem of road accidents correlating accident dynamics and injuries in order to reduce the number of fatalities and severe injuries, as required by the EU guidelines.  Moreover the project point to propose better intervention procedures concerning both engineering (vehicles, infrastructure, behaviour) and sanitary (to improve attentions dedicated to injured people) aspects.

The new and interesting element of this project is the collaboration with the local and national police authorities that deal with the relieves of the road accidents and furnish the data useful for the analysis which are enriched with the clinical data provided by the Hospital Department.

This study is performed in collaboration with the Department of Anaesthesias and Intensive Care – Polyclinic Hospital of Careggi.

The Scientific Commettee is composed by some of the maximum experts of this sector, both at EU and International grade.

The geographical area currently covered by the project comprises the Provinces of Firenze, Prato, Arezzo and Pistoia.

The aim of the In-SAFE project is the creation of a long-lasting structure able to guarantee to Italy to be in line with the most advanced countries in the sector of data gathering.