Protective Innovations Of New Equipment for Enhanced Rider Safety
Duration (months): 36
Start of project: 1/5/2018
End of project: 30/4/2021
Budget: € 4.851.863,75
Cofinanced by: Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation
Coordinator: IDIADA Automotive Technology SA
Number of Partners: 16
Description of the project:

The main goal of the PIONEERS project is to improve the safety of PTWs by providing an integrated approach to rider protection considering on-rider (Personal Protective Equipment, PPE) and on-board systems. The main pillars of the project are to achieve a deep understanding of the injuries sustained by PTW users, improve the performance of safety systems (Personal Protective Equipment, PPEs, and on-board systems), to develop better test and assessment methods and to increase the use rate of PPE. The improved performance will be achieved both by investigating the most safety-critical accident scenarios and impact conditions, by a higher level of understanding on how the injuries occur and by developing more reliable, realistic and robust test methods. An increased use will be fulfilled by listening to the riders’ needs, improving the systems in terms of comfort  (without compromising safety) and carrying out active awareness raising and dissemination actions. Research activities are organized in 7 workpackages:
•    WP1: Critical accident scenarios and rider needs.
•    WP2: Improved injury assessemnt.
•    WP3: Advanced testing methods.
•    WP4: New generation of protective equipment.
•    WP5: On-board safety systems.
•    WP6: Impact assessment and societal benefits.
•    WP7: Standardisation, awareness and dissemination.