Automotive is involved in research on topics related to the 4-wheel vehicle. The main themes in the vehicle engineering concern the application of Multidisciplinary Design Optimization, the study of industrial problems of electric mobility, the development and application of methods for assessing the sustainability as a support for the Ecodesign phase.

The use of modeling tools and CAE simulation is an essential step in the design phase of the vehicle because it allows reducing the number of design iterations and prototypes validations which involve high cost. In this sense, the Multidisciplinary Design Optimized allows identifying optimal solutions for integration between improving safety, conditions of vibro-acoustics, comfort and energy efficiency.

The study on electric mobility, very topical and highly debated, is being carried out by MOVING both from the point of view of modeling and simulation of electric and hybrid-electric powertrain and data acquisition in actual operating conditions useful for validation analysis.

As part of the vehicle Ecodesing both technological and methodological issues are addressed. Use phase modeling, application of innovative materials for vehicle lightweighting, realistic management systems for the End-of-Life of vehicle (ELV), recyclability and recoverability analysis are assessed according to the European standards.

The Life Cycle Assessment approach is also studied from a methodological point of view in order to widen the boundaries of the analysis from environmental indicators (Environmental Life Cycle Assessment) to social (Social Life Cycle Assessment) and economic (Life Cycle Costing) ones with the aim of identifying integrated approaches for the sustainability analysis valuable for new products design.