The research group MOVING conducts research on topics related to road vehicles on two and four wheels, and to problems of mobility.

Two main areas of investigation have been outlined. The first, called Powerered2Wheelers, carries out research on various aspects of motorcycles and mopeds development with a particular emphasis on improving the road safety of motorcyclists; the second, called Automotive, is concerned with multi-objective optimization, electric mobility and Ecodesign of the four-wheeled vehicle.

MOVING operates within the context of international industrial research in order to deal with major partners and share skills and intent with them. The Department of belonging to MOVING is a member of the international associations EARPA (, EGVIA ( ERTRAC ( and national transport such as the Cluster Italy H2020, movet etc.

The research activities of MOVING are being pursued both in European projects and projects on a national and local level involving the main actors in the field of transport safety, such as Companies, Research Centers, Universities and Associations.